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Health and emotional benefits of having pets


Α lot of people already have beautiful memories with pets. Growing up  a fluffy, tender friend is one of the best parts of our childhood. Many  of our abilities  to develop healthy, adult relationships are  derived from the first pleasant experiences with pets. Animals and pets are considered by many as “a man’s best friend.” Pets can offer unconditional love, non-judgmental acceptance, and companionship. I grew up in Greece where stray animals are everywhere, and society  does not care about…

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Happiness is a way of living

It seems that being happy or sad is a way of living. It turns out that we can learn how to be happy!  We just need to adopt a few…


Blogging while having a full-time job

According to my personal experience, growing a blog is tough while having a full-time morning job. I like reading about blogs that create a full income, where you can be your…


My morning routine

Busy modern life's requirements and responsibilities do not leave us enough time to take proper care of ourselves than just get dressed, grab the keys and go to work. It's…


10 Ways to use a blank notebook

How many of us prefer kindle eBooks over paper books? Ok, there are some people, since  it gives us the ability to  have a lot of books in electronic form saved in one…


11 Habits of calm people

There are  some people  who remain calm  even when the world seems to fall apart … You are probably wondering how they can do that. Stress is an integral part…