How to declutter your life and make space for delight

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The best way to bring new things in our life is to make some space for them.

It’s like when we declutter our office or home ! We should declutter our life too !

The key is to throw away anything that prevents us from reaching happiness.

Find below 22 habits to avoid in order to create a better life !

How to declutter your life



  1. You are trying to be perfect

Perfectionism a defect in someone’s personality. Imagine that it’s like convincing yourself that you will never be good enough to achieve your dreams.

2. Your dreams are limited

Be ambitious. Having big dreams may hurt, but it deserves the effort.

3. You pretend to be someone else

The foundation of luck relies on preparation and effort.

4. You rely your dreams on luck

Luck is built on preparation. Good chances are a matter of luck, but success is not. It needs more than good luck for you to make the right choices.

5. You are always waiting for the right time

We believe that  if we wait for the right time, the right place or for the right person, everything will be as we dreamed. The truth is  the right chances come in our path when we are not expecting anything from luck.

6.You need confirmation from others before you try anything

Don’t expect from others to tell you when is the right time to try for your goals. Don’t rely only on their opinion. This is YOUR life.

7. You give empty promises

Do not give promises unless you are ready to fulfil them.

8. Υοu think too much of your weaknesses. 

All humans have weaknesses. Don’t overthink of your weaknesses. Recognize them, but in the end, your strengths are the most important.

9. You blame others

Admit you mistakes. We are losing our self-respect when blaming others

10. You are sinking into your negative thoughts

Negativity is creating obstacles in life. See my related post below on how to avoid negative thinking.

how to avoid negative thoughts

11. You are living in the past

Your future begins now!

12. You are trying to make everyone happy

Trying to make everyone happy is a destination to failure. Try to make yourself happy first. If you feel content in your life you have more energy to care for others and you can cheer up their lives too! Start from yourself.

13. You have small goals.

Small goals have small results.

14. You are angry 

It’s totally lost time, plus you are giving away your energy, instead of using to be creative and productive.

15. You avoid changes

Changes will come in our life, either we like it or not. Try to handle them the best way you can, when they come.

16. You try to avoid failure 

Not taking risks is a very big mistake. Failure is a standard when we are trying to reach our goals. The real failure is when you can’t recover from it.

17. You say ” I can’t”

Never give up just because something is difficult.

18. You gossip

Instead of talking about others, try to talk about ideas and things that are interesting for you.

19. You complain

If you are losing time complaining about yesterday, you will not have time or energy to work for tomorrow.

20. You are spending time with negative people

Try to stay away from people who damage your confidence.

21. You compare your life with others

Each one of us will have a different path in life.

22. You believe that you can make the difference alone

Each one of us can make the difference, and all together can bring a change


How to declutter your life





Note: You can always find the related post in greek on

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9 questions that will change the way you perceive your problems

9 questions that will make you perceive your problems differently
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We can’t control everything in life.

The only thing we can do is to control the way we deal with our problems.

When you find it hard to understand how to perceive your problems, ask yourself the following questions …


  1. Do I blame someone else for my own problems?

Sometimes it feels great to act like a victim but in reality, it does not change the root cause of the problem.

2.  Am I too strict with myself?

It’s possible to feel inadequate when we have to face many problems. The truth is, if we do our best by  trying, that is enough.

3.  Am I feeling grateful and happy right now?

Having a good attitude towards your problems is the only way to handle them. When you focus on the negative aspects of life you can’t achieve happiness.

4. Is there something that I should let go?

When trying to get over a difficult situation,  you might discover that  there is something that bothers you and  you should better let it go. This seems to be very difficult, but the relief you may feel when you do it will give you the ability to focus on solving your current problems.

questions to see your problems differently

5. For what I am grateful for?

We may go through many difficulties in our daily life, although there are always worse situations that we are not going through right now. We should be grateful for that.

6. What have I learned from past problems?

What we have learned from problems of the past have an important role in life. Don’t forget that you got over very difficult situations and everything was fine. The fact that we went through everything and we made it can help us become even stronger.

7. Did I forget to forgive?

Anger can harm. Even if someone treated us bad  in the past, that does not mean that we should keep this anger forever. Ask yourself the question ” Is there someone that I should forgive?

8. Am I expecting too much from myself?

Don’t overload yourself with too many requests. Appreciate what you already have, and always try for the best.

9. Is my mind clear enough so I can deal with my problems?

It’s totally normal to be upset when sudden problems pop out in your way. Although, this blurs your mind and decreases your ability to deal with your new problems. Clear your mind 🙂






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11 Habits of calm people

11 habits of happy people
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There are  some people  who remain calm  even when the world seems to fall apart … You are probably wondering how they can do that.

Stress is an integral part of our lives but it also weakens our productivity and its symptoms affect our health. It is basically a condition we create to ourselves  because we believe it will bring us closer to the solutions of our problems.

According to psychology department of Michigan’s University, stress does not have a certain cause or source. On the contrary, fear has a cause, for example, the  fear of heights. We tend to get stressed about problems that may occur in our lives, and mostly, we get general anxiety about the future.

For all of us who are feeling that stress has taken over our lives, there are some ways that may help us feel relieved and worry less under difficult situations.


Calm people…


  1. 1. They focus on the present

The biggest difference between those who feel overwhelmed by stress and those who manage to remain calm is that the latter have the ability to focus on the present moment, and they are not “consumed” by making possible scenarios of the future. Individuals who are prone to over-stress they tend to create all possible bad “scenarios” for every situation, missing the chance to find a suitable solution for the current problem.


Habits of calm people



2.   They train their brain

Focusing on the present is the most powerful weapon against stress  since it defines “mind’s limits” and this way it prevents bad situations from getting worse. Meditation. yoga, participation in therapeutic groups can be used to help us worry only about today… And tomorrow we will worry about tomorrow!


Habits of calm people



3.   They think differently when working under pressure

Another interesting fact is that people who are experiencing too much stress have different brain functions when they are under pressure than those who manage working under pressure easier. A relevant research in a scientific psychology magazine divided individuals into two groups, a pessimist attitude group, and an optimist attitude group. Scientists studied their brain reactions when they were watching a negative image, and they found out that the brain of individuals classified as “pessimists” were more active. Also, when they were asked to see in a more positive way the experiment’s image, they reacted even more negatively, indicating that their brain was always predisposed to negative thoughts.


Habits of calm people



4.   They are  open to challenges

Those who don’t get easily nervous, don’t lose their time considering all possible scenarios and searching for ways to deal with all these possibilities. They are making decisions easier and faster, and they can change their plans anytime.


Habits of calm people



5. They distance themselves from bad situations

There are people who have the ability to consider a bad situation as observers. A good exercise that can help us do the same is to try to not use the proverb “I” when referring to our feelings, but use your name itself. For example, you can say “Mary is feeling worried about going to the doctor again”. Like this, you can easier understand your thoughts and realize that your stress is not suitable in every situation.


Habits of calm people



6.  They find the root cause of the problem

Imagination is a big problem when it comes to stress since our minds are creating every possible bad scenario about the future and in the end, we are losing the root of our problem. What we should do is to find out the root cause of our problem that keeps torturing our minds,  and find a solution. Worrying about “what will happen” does not help. What is important is to deal with what is happening right now!


Habits of calm people




7.  They are not worrying constantly

Dedicate a certain amount of time daily  for “overthinking”, trying to find solutions and ways to avoid stressful situations.  Time boundaries can help organizing your thoughts so you don’t feel overwhelmed from stress during the day, and even if you feel so, you can easier avoid those thoughts, just by knowing that “it’s not yet the right time of the day to think about problems”.


Habits of calm people



8. They have the confidence that problems won’t break them down

Those who worry too much have the fear of failure for the case that all their negative possible scenarios will become true. However in such situations they are well mentally prepared for the worst, when and if it happens. People who don’t get stress easily feel confident that they are going to handle every situation.


habits of calm people



9. They see the light at the end of the tunnel

Even if one situation seems that it will evolve negatively, there is always the possibility that it may end up positively and nothing bad happens. Acceptance of this positive possibility is what distinguishes the pessimists between the optimists.


habits of calm people



10. They always make the right questions

Whenever you are feeling that your stressful thoughts are getting more and more and you can’t relax, ask yourself if it deserves to be worried for the thing that brings you in this overwhelming situation. Think if you have done everything you could to solve the problem and if you have tried and the problem is not urgent right now, don’t waste any more energy on that. When its time will come, you will find a solution for this problem.


11. They are  aware of their negative emotions and thoughts

People who feel stressed and anxious for years do not realize how negativity affects the quality of their life, while those who live life with a more cool and cheerful mood are aware of the negative thoughts that are being developed in their minds, and they also use the negative emotions they are feeling to find the cause of their sadness, so they can find a possible solution for their problem. Negative emotions should be used as a tool to find the root cause of our problems.



habits of calm people



Thank you for reading,

Nefeli xxx


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Negative thoughts and how to avoid them

how to avoid negative thoughts
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Negative thoughts block you from thinking clearly, obstruct your development, destroy your motivation.

The author of the book «The Happiness Trap» Russ Harris claims that 80% of our thoughts have at least some negative content.

Negative thoughts have an important role in our survival. We are made to detect potential problems in our environment and try to solve them. When we identify a potentially negative or problematic situation we usually try to find possible solutions. The problem is not that we have negative thoughts, but that we believe that our negative thoughts are true.
Sometimes people have negative thoughts which are based on information, events, and certain situations, but reflect bad thoughts: they are people who see everything black, who exaggerate the negative and minimize the positive.


When we notice that negative thoughts are crossing our minds, it is important to ask ourselves:
Is this thought real?
Is this thought important?
Does this thought help me?



Here are some tips to help you avoid negative thinking.


Give an explanatory label in your thoughts

Instead of saying “I will never find a partner” it is better to say “I’m thinking that I will not find a partner” or instead of saying “I’m a moron and I did not see it coming,” say “I think I’m a fool because I did not see it coming ‘ . The difference is small but significant: What you say to yourself is that your thoughts don’t define you




“Thank” your mind

You can “thank” your mind for a negative thought. If your thoughts are making you stressed be grateful that your mind is “trying ” to protect you, and realize this thought shouldn’t make you stressed. You  know what you’re doing, you are prepared and everything is under control. Like this, you can  give your mind a chance to take a break from negative thoughts.


giphy (5)


Let your thoughts fly away like balloons

To do that you need to use your imagination. Imagine yourself writing every negative thought on a balloon, and then you let it fly, and get lost in the sky.




Give a title to your negative story

We often find a repeating story in our negative thoughts. When you notice this occurrence you can think “Here again, I am telling  the story of “How to stay alone in my whole life, “or “How I am going to fail at work”  etc.  This way the “story” will lose its power.


giphy (3)
You can find all these techniques in a well documented psychotherapeutic approach called “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).”


7 Τρόποι για να Ξεφορτωθείς τις Αρνητικές Σκέψεις

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Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes that will make you see life differently

Jiddu krishnamurti quotes
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Jiddu Krishnamurti,  lived in the 20th century is one of the biggest philosophers of all time. He was born in May 1895 and died in February 1986.

Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes


His teachings are timeless and universal.

He said that to find happiness, inner peace and security in our lives we have to free ourselves from the obstacles of fear, anger, pain and sadness.

His books and speeches influenced great writers, like Aldous Huxley, Henry Miller, and Iris Merdoch, and many professors of eminent universities refer to his work.




#1. “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

And that possibly means to “observe” not only others but ourselves, without any judgment for ourselves or for others. Nothing good ever came out of the habit to criticize people. One wrong action can teach us to manage a situation differently and we should not feel guilty for rejecting our partner, or a friend in just a bad moment.


Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes


#2. “You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing, and dance, and write poems, and suffer, and understand, for all that is life.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Life is not just black and white. It has a full palette of colors. Some days or even longer periods will be painted with darker shades, but they will come days that will be painted in vibrant colors. There is a reason behind everything that we are going through. Most times we don’t believe in the phrase ” everything happens for a reason”, but if we realize this fact we are one step closer to happiness.

#3.  “To transform the world, we must begin with ourselves; and what is important in beginning with ourselves is the intention. The intention must be to understand ourselves and not to leave it to others to transform themselves or to bring about a modified change through revolution, either of the left or of the right. It is important to understand that this is our responsibility, yours and mine…”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Mahatma Gandhi said the same thing using different words. He said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If we change our way of thinking – this can be anything, like avoiding negative thoughts –  we will change the way we act, and this will lead to different feelings and life experiences. We cannot change anyone, and we shouldn’t even want something like that. We can change ourselves.

#4. What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it. -Jiddu Krishnamurti

How many actions we take or miss just because we are afraid of something? We may be afraid that someone that we love will go away and stop loving us, or that someone will not agree with our choices. We may feel fear about how someone will criticize us and this might lead to losing something important. By recognizing our fears we can overcome them.


Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes


#5. “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”  – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti did not belong to any religious organization, sect or country, nor was a member of a political or ideological school of thought.He claimed that these were the factors that divide human beings and bring about conflict and war. He reminded his listeners again and again that we are all human beings first and not Hindus, Muslims or Christians, we are not different from each other. He said that we should walk “softly” on the earth without destroying the environment.


Feel inspired! Find Juddi Krishnamurti work online

You can always find related posts in greek on :

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10 ways to fill yourself with positive energy

10 ways to fill yourself with positive energy
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Busy life, work, and relationships … Every moment of our lives is ruled from unconscious choices that determine our energy. How is it possible to maintain a positive energy and way of thinking? Should we reach our inner peace or should we resist for the sake of a  modern and busy life? When we are at peace with ourselves we “produce” what we call “positive energy” otherwise we are full of negative vibes that people around us can notice a negative “aura”.

The very simple tips listed below will help us feel better in our daily lives.

#1.  Find the positive aspects in every bad situation

If we could think that every new day could be a new starting point  that we should enjoy then we can easier overcome our addiction to negative thinking. We can get instant results by imagining a peaceful life.

10 ways to positive energy

#2. Let the sun come into your home

A walk in nature, or even gazing a tree from your window at home makes can make you happier and full of positive energy! Open up your windows in the morning and let the sun come into your house. Even if it ‘s raining, leave the natural light inside your home.

10 ways to positive energy 2

#3. Que sera sera, Whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see

Don’t over-stress about how life will be sooner or later. Life is full of changes, and if we resist we will suffer much more. Stress creates too much negative energy, on the contrary, a relaxed attitude makes us feel better and we can easier notice every great moment in our lives.

10 ways to positive energy 3

#4. No worries about the past or the future

We should not worry about what will happen in the future for one simple reason. We have no idea about the future and we can’t predict it thus,  we don’t need to worry about non-existent problems and situations. Similarly, there is no need to worry about the past since we do not have the ability to go back and change it. If we notice the positive things of our past and the lessons from our mistakes, we can make our life better.

10 ways to fill yourself positive energy 4

#5. Good friends

When we have real and good friends, our life is much more positive. That doesn’t mean that we need A LOT of friends. We need real and good ones. People who really care about us. Friendship is very important in our life and teaches us to appreciate personal relationships. It also makes us smile more often!

10 ways to positive energy 5

#6. Escape from everyday life by going on a trip

It can be anything, from a full day out in nature, a weekend trip or a longer one. By taking a break from work responsibilities and explore new places, we feel happier and have more energy for the rest of the week.

10 ways to positive 6

#7. Limiting our wrong actions

In order to have  positive energy in our life, we should redefine our beliefs and filter our negative thoughts. If we stop wasting energy in unworthy issues and things, then a lot of our choices and actions will become correct and positive.

10 ways to positive energy 7

#8. Music changes our mood

By closing our eyes while listening to our favorite song we can notice that our mood can be changed completely. Music is one of the most powerful energies, which is able to uplift our positive energy and bring special feelings at the right time.

how to be happy

#9. Set small goals, one step at a time

If you set very big goals and trying to accomplish all in once you might feel disappointed when you fail. If you break your goal into small tasks, there is incredible happiness when achieving each task, can also make you much more confident and fill you with positive energy.

10 ways to positive energy 9

#10. Feel your inner body and soul

Just close your eyes, notice your breath, the air you inhale and exhale . The feeling of your body will release the negative energy and will make your body and soul glow.



10 συμβουλές για να γεμίσουμε θετική ενέργεια



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In love with Sephora Creamy Lipsticks

Sephora Creamy Lipsticks
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It may sound weird but I started wearing bright lip colors only a year ago. I was always told, that I am a Mediterranean type and that nude colors match my olive skin tone much better. I was afraid to try something brighter and more girly to avoid looking like “trying too much”. In the past year, I bought my first colored lipstick during winter which was a deep plum color. I won’t say that I liked it very much on me but I was “brave” to wear it a few times.

A nice spring day two months ago I passed by a Sephora shop in Kifissia, (a nice greek suburb of Athens) and tried Sephora Creamy lipsticks on the back of my hand. I finally found a very nice sexy pink fuchsia color which I also bought. And this was only my first one …

Sephora creamy lisptick review

I got many compliments on my lips when I was wearing it, so I decided to buy more different colors.

Well, I did not buy VERY different colors because I am afraid of changes on my appearance (I have the same haircut since my 15!).

Sephora Creamy Lipstick

I feel it looks much more feminine than my nude lip color addiction.



Now, let’s get to the point – Why I chose Sephora Creamy Lipstick over a hundred of other choices ! 

#1. Low price – good quality

In Greece, it costs around $13 dollars/lipstic which is not very cheap like other drugstore beauty products but it’s not very expensive like high-end products.

#2. Good pigmentation

I can compare it with MAC lipsticks. It’s that good for me.

Sephora Creamy Lipstick Review

#3. Variety of GREAT colors

Every time I visit a Sephora Store I’m not sure which color I really want. There are dark vampy colors, bright pinks and peach colors, feminine reds, and some “neon-like” pink shades.

#4. They smell nice

It’s really important for the most of us.

#5. Smooth opaque result

 #6. Long lasting

It won’t last from the morning to the night with just one application, but it lasts for many hours.

 #7. Nice packaging

#8. Moisturizing

Even if the colors are opaque, they do not dry out the lips at all.


I hope you liked my small Sephora Creamy lipstick collection.

Thank you for passing by my blog.




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First job experiences

First Job Experiences
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Before I start working I was imagining myself earning good money, growing fast inside a company and making many friends.I even imagined that I might become friends with my manager or boss at some point. I ‘ve heard those stories from several friends. Why not me?

My job experience  does not mean that this is the case for everyone and I do not want to discourage people in their new jobs,  or turn off the confidence and excitement they already feel. To be employed is a blessing, especially in my country (guess what, I am greek!).




I studied Computer Science, and in 2014, I started  searching for a job opportunity in the IT field. By that time, I did not care if it was a developer position, a database engineer, or  anything IT related in general. All I wanted was new job experiences,  knowledge, and new friends. Finally, I got a DevOps engineer position, and I stayed at this job for about a year. The reason I left was mainly the income, the financial crisis was (and still is) very bad, and a lot of greek companies could not (and still can’t) pay their employees. Two weeks later I got a new job, as a software engineer and then I noticed, even if both jobs were in the same field, I was experiencing different situations, job demands and I addressed different issues in the work environment.

Below I am going to list the lessons I have learned in my first two jobs.

Do  NOT overshare your personal life and problems with co-workers

I used to be an open book to everyone either someone is a friend or someone I just met. I strongly believe that we should not feel shy to share a weakness we have and that someone should accept us for who we really are. What I found out in the end was that some colleagues considered me inappropriate for the job, and that was my fault. I used to share my weaknesses in almost every conversation I had. I felt like I was the only one who had some difficulties on the job. Everyone had some workplace difficulties, but no one shared! Oversharing can turn against you. Talk to your manager and ask for help from colleagues if you need it, but do not “advertise” your weaknesses. Don’t be an idiot like I did.

but you…

Should inform your team and managers if you are stuck on something

People should ask for help when they are stuck on something and can’t move on a task. If someone hides that in order to not look bad in the rest of a team or managers, may result in team failure to reach a deadline.


You will not be friends with everyone

In the beginning, I thought that I would make a lot of best friends. We would share eight (or more) hours the day together, sharing the same worries and happiness about the job. We would have something that connects us. And it really does. In your work, you can create strong friendships that can last a lifetime. But we are people. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will be happy to help you. Each of us has different personalities and can’t be friends with everybody. You will have some very good and some bad collaborations in your workplace. That happens to everyone I know! Being professional and friendly without oversharing is the key to happiness in your workplace.

Some days will be tiring and you will have hard work. Some days.

When I was applying for new jobs, I never thought of really hard work. I hearing that people are tired from their work, but I did not imagine that fatigue would be that intense. Around the second month of my first job, I experienced strong fatigue and stress. I had to stay overtime and I went home just to sleep, to live the same tiring conditions the next day. The good part? Not all days are the same. They will come days that you will be more relaxed.

There is always something to learn

Even if you think you know everything, even if you really do, be humble. There are people inside any workplace who have a lot more experience than us. We should learn from them. Every job has different demands, different policies, different people, and bosses. In my first job I met people who “knew everything”. Those are the employees who want to grow very fast inside a company and will do anything to achieve that. Some of them even do that by hiding other employee’s skills and abilities. I always say good things about my co-workers and admire their skills.


You should keep a log of your daily tasks and your progress

In my first job I had a colleague who was very good at the job, and was my work-buddy. I still remember he told me to keep an agenda to write my tasks, meetings, notes and keep track of my progress. I didn’t do it! I used Outlook Mail for all those things. Outlook Mail reminds you the meetings and tasks, but still it is not the same when you hand-write them. All of the successful people I know always carry a work agenda at meetings. Nowadays I am an agenda addict in my personal and work life, and all I can say is that it helped me a lot to stay organized and productive. You lose nothing to try!


Hard work and job engagement pays off

I will admit that in my first two jobs, I didn’t try as much as I should. I was combining studies with a full-time job, thus, it was difficult for me to do my best in my work. My priority was my degree. The lesson I learned was that if you do not try enough and work hard, you won’t succeed. When I talk about

The lesson I learned was that if you do not try enough and work hard, you won’t succeed. When I talk about success I do not mean a lot of money, and the position of a manager, but I am talking about recognition in the company you work for. Recognition not only takes time, but a lot of effort. Most of the people who have managerial job positions, did a lot to be there. That’s the truth.

All the above are lessons that I learned in my two first jobs. It takes some time to be a professional. You have to learn first 🙂

Think positive and try a lot in your job. You will be rewarded. And please, never make my mistakes…




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Make your blog theme unique

make your blog theme unique
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When I started creating my blog, I worked localhost before I actually upload it on the server, buy a domain and get it launched on the internet. There is one reason I did that. I wanted to have a unique blog theme!

Luckily nowadays there are easier ways to create a good looking website using CMS (Content Management Systems)such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and much more, plus there are tons of themes that can make any website ready to launch!

To be honest, I love CMS because it is a lot easier than creating a website from scratch if you know how to code, but there is only ONE  thing I do not like that much: Many of us are using the exact same themes. In this article, I will show you how to easily personalize your blog theme without coding knowledge.

Some of you may already know the tips I m going to show you, but I wanted to share them with people who had no idea how to modify faster their theme without coding knowledge,and with people who were lost in the stylesheet.css and HTML files, resulting in hiring a web developer to finally personalize and achieve having a unique blog theme.

Note: This post does NOT contain any affiliate links. The links I am sharing are from tools I already use and like.

Let’s begin!

You will need:

  • A web browser with an open tab of your website
  • A text editor, I am using Notepad++ which is FREE, and helpful for developers and any kind of end user.
  • If you are using WordPress like me, keep your site’s dashboard open in your browser’s tab

Read More »

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Face makeup using Photoshop tutorial

face makeup photoshop tutorial
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I use Photoshop for more than 7 years, I am self-taught -thank you world wide web- . The Internet offers too much knowledge about everything nowadays, and a lot of us have this powerful weapon in our hands. There are mobile applications where someone can edit images and have great results, although Adobe Photoshop offers a lot more since it is a very very powerful tool. Photo editing tools have a lot of math behind them and some mobile applications mimic Photoshop’s behavior, but they do not have the same capabilities  since they offer limited editing based on certain patterns (you may have noticed that you need to specify the shape of eyes, mouth, face and still sometimes the blush goes on the hair! ). In this tutorial, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 but someone can edit images using older releases of the application.

In this tutorial you will see how to: 

  • Smooth skin texture
  • Fill eyebrows and improve their shape
  • Add eyeliner and eyeshadow
  • Enhance nose shape
  • Add lip color

Note: The image used for this tutorial is from  and it is free to use.  Images on Pixabay are released free of copyrights. I improve my photos using the same techniques.

Smooth skin (foundation effect)

Start by opening the desired image on PS. To avoid losing your progress ,  “duplicate layer” of the image. This is located on the side bar of the application.

  1. Right click on the small image that appears on the “layers” box, and click Duplicate Layer. Then create an empty layer from the bar below in the Layer’s box as you can see on the second image below.

makeup photoshop tutorial

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