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10 simple ways to fill yourself with positive energy

Busy life, work, and relationships … Every moment of our lives is ruled from unconscious choices that determine our energy. How is it possible to maintain a positive energy and way of thinking? Should we reach our inner peace or should we resist for the sake of a  modern and busy life? When we are at peace with ourselves we “produce” what we call “positive energy” otherwise we are full of negative vibes that people around us can notice a negative “aura”.

The very simple tips listed below will help us feel better in our daily lives.



#1.  Find the positive aspects in every bad situation

If we could think that every new day could be a new starting point  that we should enjoy then we can easier overcome our addiction to negative thinking. We can get instant results by imagining a peaceful life.

10 ways to positive energy

#2. Let the sun come into your home

A walk in nature, or even gazing a tree from your window at home makes can make you happier and full of positive energy! Open up your windows in the morning and let the sun come into your house. Even if it ‘s raining, leave the natural light inside your home.

10 ways to positive energy 2

#3. Que sera sera, Whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see

Don’t over-stress about how life will be sooner or later. Life is full of changes, and if we resist we will suffer much more. Stress creates too much negative energy, on the contrary, a relaxed attitude makes us feel better and we can easier notice every great moment in our lives.

10 ways to positive energy 3

#4. No worries about the past or the future

We should not worry about what will happen in the future for one simple reason. We have no idea about the future and we can’t predict it thus,  we don’t need to worry about non-existent problems and situations. Similarly, there is no need to worry about the past since we do not have the ability to go back and change it. If we notice the positive things of our past and the lessons from our mistakes, we can make our life better.

10 ways to fill yourself positive energy 4

#5. Good friends

When we have real and good friends, our life is much more positive. That doesn’t mean that we need A LOT of friends. We need real and good ones. People who really care about us. Friendship is very important in our life and teaches us to appreciate personal relationships. It also makes us smile more often!

10 ways to positive energy 5

#6. Escape from everyday life by going on a trip

It can be anything, from a full day out in nature, a weekend trip or a longer one. By taking a break from work responsibilities and explore new places, we feel happier and have more energy for the rest of the week.

10 ways to positive 6

#7. Limiting our wrong actions

In order to have  positive energy in our life, we should redefine our beliefs and filter our negative thoughts. If we stop wasting energy in unworthy issues and things, then a lot of our choices and actions will become correct and positive.

10 ways to positive energy 7

#8. Music changes our mood

By closing our eyes while listening to our favorite song we can notice that our mood can be changed completely. Music is one of the most powerful energies, which is able to uplift our positive energy and bring special feelings at the right time.

how to be happy

#9. Set small goals, one step at a time

If you set very big goals and trying to accomplish all in once you might feel disappointed when you fail. If you break your goal into small tasks, there is incredible happiness when achieving each task, can also make you much more confident and fill you with positive energy.

10 ways to positive energy 9

#10. Feel your inner body and soul

Just close your eyes, notice your breath, the air you inhale and exhale . The feeling of your body will release the negative energy and will make your body and soul glow.



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