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20 ways to relax and de-stress after a long tiring day

As we grow older, we slowly realize that we have more and more responsibilities and life becomes busier,
so busy, that we find out that we actually have to keep an agenda to organize and remember the
things that we have to do... And the more busy we are during the day, the more tired we are at night.


Maybe you are a busy stay-at-home mom, or you have a full-time job, either you are spending long hours studying for school/college, our age doesn't matter. We all should dedicate time to ourselves
in order to relax and rest not only our bodies but our minds.

We have to admit that everyone is different and has his/her own ways to relax. For example, my loved one relaxes watching upcoming Movie trailers!

I am more of "ritual" type person. In order to relax, I have to do a series of things.

I guess that means that I am a little complicated than he is and it takes me longer to clear my mind. 

Each of us has a different relaxation routine, but there are general habits that are known to do good for us and make us feel less tired and happier instantly.

20 ways to feel relaxed and de-stressed


1. Remove your day make-up

Cleaning your face is a great step in the relaxation process. By removing the makeup we had during the day 

we unclog our face pores and can instantly feel more refreshed! Don't forget your face care routine and products!


2. Take a shower

When we are all day out in offices or taking public transportation our body sweats and is exposed to microbes. A shower is also so relaxing !


3. Change your clothes






4. Light scented candles

Just the light of the burning candles has a soothing effect.


5. Cook something you like listening to calming background music








6. Pet and play with your pets!

Petting animals is scientifically proven that reduces stress and makes us happier. Find more about
the benefits of having pets here.





7. Try yoga

Practicing yoga often makes us calmer and clears our mind from negative thoughts.





8. Watch your favorite movie


Even though a movie can often bring tension and stimulates our brain, but this fun activity blocks racing thoughts in our minds.


9. De-clutter your space

Our space plays a very important role when it comes to stress. How do you feel in a very messy room, where clothes are on the floor, and office papers on the kitchen table?
De-cluttering your space sometimes feels like de-cluttering your life and creating space for great feelings. Read more about mind-decluttering here.





10. Look at old photos.

We usually take pictures of great moments we want to keep in our memory. By looking at older photographs
we recall beautiful emotions.


11. Keep a journal of gratefulness


Keeping a journal is very important. Sit comfortable and write down the things you are grateful for in your life. Soon you will have been created a small book of good memories.

Find more about blank notebook use here.


12. Plan for the weekend and for the next days on your Planner


Planning, in general, is a de-stress process. We feel better if we don't have to remember everything and we right down our plans.


13. Write down your goals

Take a piece of paper and start writing your goals. Thinking about your future goals and how to accomplish them is not only relaxing but also makes us more optimistic.


14. Draw something

Drawing or doodling is a nice activity that is very relaxing. During drawing, we can even forget the outside world for a moment.


15. Go for a walk in nature.

Nature will help you to avoid negative thoughts.


16. Prepare your clothes for tomorrow.


17. Cuddle with your loved on, or with your pets.


18. Meet a friend.

Good friends make us laugh. Smiling is a therapy for a tired, sad brain. 


19. Read a great book.


20. Get a massage.


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