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9 questions that will change the way you perceive your problems

We can't control everything in life.

The only thing we can do is to control the way we deal with our problems.

When you find it hard to understand how to perceive your problems, ask yourself the following questions ...




  1. Do I blame someone else for my own problems?

Sometimes it feels great to act like a victim but in reality, it does not change the root cause of the problem.

2.  Am I too strict with myself?

It's possible to feel inadequate when we have to face many problems. The truth is, if we do our best by  trying, that is enough.

3.  Am I feeling grateful and happy right now?

Having a good attitude towards your problems is the only way to handle them. When you focus on the negative aspects of life you can't achieve happiness.

4. Is there something that I should let go?

When trying to get over a difficult situation,  you might discover that  there is something that bothers you and  you should better let it go. This seems to be very difficult, but the relief you may feel when you do it will give you the ability to focus on solving your current problems.

questions to see your problems differently

5. For what I am grateful for?

We may go through many difficulties in our daily life, although there are always worse situations that we are not going through right now. We should be grateful for that.

6. What have I learned from past problems?

What we have learned from problems of the past have an important role in life. Don't forget that you got over very difficult situations and everything was fine. The fact that we went through everything and we made it can help us become even stronger.

7. Did I forget to forgive?

Anger can harm. Even if someone treated us bad  in the past, that does not mean that we should keep this anger forever. Ask yourself the question " Is there someone that I should forgive? "



8. Am I expecting too much from myself?

Don't overload yourself with too many requests. Appreciate what you already have, and always try for the best.

9. Is my mind clear enough so I can deal with my problems?

It's totally normal to be upset when sudden problems pop out in your way. Although, this blurs your mind and decreases your ability to deal with your new problems. Clear your mind 🙂


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  • Awesome post! Those are definitely some helpful questions to ask yourself. 🙂

    • Thank you Tami !
      Your blog is THE inspiration.


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