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11 Habits of calm people

There are  some people  who remain calm  even when the world seems to fall apart … You are probably wondering how they can do that.

Stress is an integral part of our lives but it also weakens our productivity and its symptoms affect our health. It is basically a condition we create to ourselves  because we believe it will bring us closer to the solutions of our problems.


According to psychology department of Michigan’s University, stress does not have a certain cause or source. On the contrary, fear has a cause, for example, the  fear of heights. We tend to get stressed about problems that may occur in our lives, and mostly, we get general anxiety about the future.

For all of us who are feeling that stress has taken over our lives, there are some ways that may help us feel relieved and worry less under difficult situations.



Calm people…


  1. 1. They focus on the present

The biggest difference between those who feel overwhelmed by stress and those who manage to remain calm is that the latter have the ability to focus on the present moment, and they are not “consumed” by making possible scenarios of the future. Individuals who are prone to over-stress they tend to create all possible bad “scenarios” for every situation, missing the chance to find a suitable solution for the current problem.


Habits of calm people



2.   They train their brain

Focusing on the present is the most powerful weapon against stress  since it defines “mind’s limits” and this way it prevents bad situations from getting worse. Meditation. yoga, participation in therapeutic groups can be used to help us worry only about today… And tomorrow we will worry about tomorrow!


Habits of calm people



3.   They think differently when working under pressure

Another interesting fact is that people who are experiencing too much stress have different brain functions when they are under pressure than those who manage working under pressure easier. A relevant research in a scientific psychology magazine divided individuals into two groups, a pessimist attitude group, and an optimist attitude group. Scientists studied their brain reactions when they were watching a negative image, and they found out that the brain of individuals classified as “pessimists” were more active. Also, when they were asked to see in a more positive way the experiment’s image, they reacted even more negatively, indicating that their brain was always predisposed to negative thoughts.


Habits of calm people



4.   They are  open to challenges

Those who don’t get easily nervous, don’t lose their time considering all possible scenarios and searching for ways to deal with all these possibilities. They are making decisions easier and faster, and they can change their plans anytime.


Habits of calm people



5. They distance themselves from bad situations

There are people who have the ability to consider a bad situation as observers. A good exercise that can help us do the same is to try to not use the proverb “I” when referring to our feelings, but use your name itself. For example, you can say “Mary is feeling worried about going to the doctor again”. Like this, you can easier understand your thoughts and realize that your stress is not suitable in every situation.


Habits of calm people



6.  They find the root cause of the problem

Imagination is a big problem when it comes to stress since our minds are creating every possible bad scenario about the future and in the end, we are losing the root of our problem. What we should do is to find out the root cause of our problem that keeps torturing our minds,  and find a solution. Worrying about “what will happen” does not help. What is important is to deal with what is happening right now!


Habits of calm people




7.  They are not worrying constantly

Dedicate a certain amount of time daily  for “overthinking”, trying to find solutions and ways to avoid stressful situations.  Time boundaries can help organizing your thoughts so you don’t feel overwhelmed from stress during the day, and even if you feel so, you can easier avoid those thoughts, just by knowing that “it’s not yet the right time of the day to think about problems”.


Habits of calm people



8. They have the confidence that problems won’t break them down

Those who worry too much have the fear of failure for the case that all their negative possible scenarios will become true. However in such situations they are well mentally prepared for the worst, when and if it happens. People who don’t get stress easily feel confident that they are going to handle every situation.


habits of calm people



9. They see the light at the end of the tunnel

Even if one situation seems that it will evolve negatively, there is always the possibility that it may end up positively and nothing bad happens. Acceptance of this positive possibility is what distinguishes the pessimists between the optimists.


habits of calm people



10. They always make the right questions

Whenever you are feeling that your stressful thoughts are getting more and more and you can’t relax, ask yourself if it deserves to be worried for the thing that brings you in this overwhelming situation. Think if you have done everything you could to solve the problem and if you have tried and the problem is not urgent right now, don’t waste any more energy on that. When its time will come, you will find a solution for this problem.


11. They are  aware of their negative emotions and thoughts

People who feel stressed and anxious for years do not realize how negativity affects the quality of their life, while those who live life with a more cool and cheerful mood are aware of the negative thoughts that are being developed in their minds, and they also use the negative emotions they are feeling to find the cause of their sadness, so they can find a possible solution for their problem. Negative emotions should be used as a tool to find the root cause of our problems.



habits of calm people



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