Easy Christmas DIY decoration ideas



Christmas is my ... favorite time of the year! 

People who know me well, don't understand why I am becoming a child before and during Christmas period. Every year I like to decorate my home and Christmas tree at the end of November so I am having more than a full month to enjoy this beautiful season! 




Christmas is THE season for someone to experiment making DIY decoration items and gifts. Believe me, if you already like this wonderful season, x-mas DIYs will make you feel and love Christmas much more...

Find below some great DIY ideas that inspired me for this season, and I hope will inspire you to release your inner child and start creating... I suggest listening Christmas background music for even more inspiration!

Make your very own snowball

DIY snow globes:

This DIY can be much more than a usual snowball like this

We can add the Christmas figure we like, the small trees, the snowflakes or glitter, or even a personalized message inside the globe.

It's also a great craft for children, or as a gift to a loved one with a personalized message inside. 

You can add the personalized message using a plastic piece, a permanent marker , and a top coat.

Advent Calendar

advent calendar activity


 If you like Scrapbooking you may love this idea. You just need a big white carton and many scrapbook papers to create the "envelopes" that are going to contain your message. If you are wondering what kind of paper do you need, this is a good example.

It's beautiful as a gift to a loved one with love messages, or for yourself as a daily affirmation quote gift.

advent calendar with pockets

Trimming Santa's bread Countdown calendar


This seems to be SO easy to be done.

I m planning to try this easy craft soon.

For animal lovers (like me!)

Pet Paw ornament!



I couldn't but having a beautiful ornament with my baby's paw on my Christmas tree!

Find the tutorial here.


Christmas-y Mason jars!




To make this you just need a Mason jar , a dark colored paper (cut your own design), some snow spray, and a LED candle.



Time Capsule Ornament

Place your child's wishlist in a clear glass (or plastic) ornament each year & watch how their interests and likes change as they grow. Makes a great family heirloom to be passed down or continued with the next generation:



Beautiful Meaningful and a personalized ornament.

You can add your child's wishlist from Santa, or even your own new year's resolution.

You just need  a clear bulb like this one, glitter, glue, a pen and a paper.

 Christmas tree Napkin for the festive table


Surprise your guests with this beautiful table napkin decoration.


 Easy Christmas Gift tags

Que bonitos nos están quedando todos los envoltorios de lo regalos!!! SOOOO…:


Personalize your gifts adding a cute paper tag with a shape of an ornament.

See more DIY gift tags here.

 Easy Paper Snowflakes



Easy and fun, for adults and children.

Find the tutorial here.



I wish you all a merry Christmas !





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  • These are so cute! I love the mason jar and the tree napkin. 🙂 I definitely want to try to make them, haha! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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