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Blogging while having a full-time job

According to my personal experience, growing a blog is tough while having a full-time morning job.

I like reading about blogs that create a full income, where you can be your own boss. I feel optimistic and happy when I read this kind of blog success stories. It is also very motivating for me, and I feel happy for my fellow bloggers that they achieve so much recognition and success since I know, that blogging requires very hard work.






And here comes the first question. The question is about this hard work we are talking about.


Q 1: What if you already have to do your hard work during your morning job?


tie-690084_1280I am talking about the job that "sucks" your energy throughout the day, leaving you exhausted at night, and the only thing you want, and CAN do, is to watch some movies and go to bed. Or to do something relaxing.

If writing makes you relax, then it's easier for you to blog. But since blogging is more than just great articles, it still needs a lot of effort and time. Blogging is time-consuming if you want to make it the right way, especially if you want your blog to grow.



Many full-time bloggers dedicate their most productive hours of the day to their blog and the result is that they create awesome content! They have professional, magazine-like polished blogs, full of content, a new post every few days accompanied by amazing graphics and images.




Q 2: Can I have a blog while having a full-time job?

My personal experience:

I work as a software engineer in a professional environment, I have responsibilities, and I must meet my deadlines.

I have some good days at work, but I also have some bad days.

I also like my job ! I wouldn't want to quit because I like that I am constantly learning something new.

Then I decided to launch my own blog, where I will be able to show my creative side, and I am very happy that I did that.

Blogging opens a new world where you can be extremely creative, while you learn new things, plus you can meet very interesting and great people. It's a beautiful journey.

My answer is YES. But what you achieve through blogging depends on the time you dedicate to your blog growth.


How I slowly grow my blog having a full-time day job:

1. Blog calendar


Plan ahead ! Somewhere else you may have read about the Editorial Calendar.  I don't think I could blog without my blog calendar. I write down my blog post ideas, and I plan them in my calendar. I plan my future posts, the day that I am going to start writing each post and the days I am going to dedicate to graphic creation.






2. Image templates

captureI make most of my images with Canva. I love this tool. It gives professional results. Most of the bloggers are already familiar with Canva. It automatically saves your designs and you can recreate a different image using the same template just by replacing the background image and some text.









3. Stock images backup

When I find beautiful stock images I save as many as I can for future use. I know that I will need them later and if I don't have them already I will have to spend extra time to find a suitable one for my new post. If you enjoy photography you can also take your pictures, edit them and save for future use.


4. Find time for writing 

office-620817_640If you have a daily job like me, the chances are at night you will be tired. But on the weekends you can always steal some time to create some awesome content for your next blog posts! You can dedicate a few hours to writing your next post. Write your posts, have them ready to post them during the week. 







5. Schedule your social media

 Schedule your social media posts and updates with Hootsuite and BoardBooster apps. Every time I finish a new post, I schedule the updates to twitter and to Instagram. To do this I am using Hootsuite. It's a free and helpful app! There is a similar app called BoardBooster (not free) with which you can schedule your pins to your Pinterest account. Posting to social media can help your blog grow faster and if you are busy working during the week at your day job, those apps can do the job for you!


Do not hesitate to start your blog even if you have a demanding full-time job. It's a great opportunity to learn through your research, your writing, your connections with the blogging community. It can also be an opportunity to earn some extra money in the future. There is no need for pressure to write every single day, or on a certain time every week.

Create a convenient for you schedule where you can maintain a great blog, and be super productive at your job. 

Yes, it requires a little multitasking, but following a good schedule you cannot fail.

Personal experience...

Do not quit your job for blogging, unless you make a lot of money from your blog.

You never know when Google algorithm is going to change and when your blog will not be at the top search results anymore. 

The more streams of money, the better.



Stay positive,

Thank you for reading!









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  • Sauniya

    Nice post. really great tips.
    It can be tricky to manage a blog when you have other obligations taking most of your day. It’s important to plan and stay organised, also have a few helping tools.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

    • Thank you Sauniya!
      Yes it is tricky to manage and maintain a blog when you have other important things in your life, a job, kids, family problems… Many many things! The important is to love what we do, and if we love our blog, it will grow, slower than others, but eventually, it will 🙂

  • These are some really helpful tips! This is something that I used to struggle with, but I recently quit my full-time job. Staying organized and spending your time wisely are super important! Great post. 🙂

    • Thank you Tami!
      The more activities/ responsibilities someone has, the more complex it gets. Time management and being organised is the key, I guess.

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