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Health and emotional benefits of having pets

Α lot of people already have beautiful memories with pets. Growing up  a fluffy, tender friend is one of the best parts of our childhood. Many  of our abilities  to develop healthy, adult relationships are  derived from the first pleasant experiences with pets.

Animals and pets are considered by many as "a man's best friend."

Pets can offer unconditional love, non-judgmental acceptance, and companionship.


I grew up in Greece where stray animals are everywhere, and society  does not care about them. In my family, we always had a lot of pets, cats, and dogs, as a result of my mother's sensitivity for all those starving poor creatures in our streets. I love them as my own children and I consider them members of my family.

Since I am a very stressful person and I absolutely feel the instant benefits when I play and pet my cats or dogs. With a magical way... Stress is almost gone!


Pets and Psycho-emotional health

“In today’s highly specialized and complex society, modern Man comes into contact with more people in one day than our ancestors did in a lifetime. It has become necessary to speed up the process of attachments, and it is more difficult to develop meaningful relationships….Loneliness is not knowing others: it is not being known by others….Dogs permit their owners to be themselves so that they can risk self-disclosure and form attachments.”

~Researchers Aaron Katcher & Erika Friedmann.

My cutie-pie


Psychological and emotional benefits from pets:

  • Pets  have the ability to make us feel calm and more secure with ourselves.




  • They can encourage us to exercise more and promote physical activity through their playful behaviour, or walks in nature.
  • They offer a great opportunity for group activities.
  • They can be a substitute for absent children.





  • Their daily care responsibilities become rituals  and these rituals make us more responsible and help us to stay organised by keeping a schedule.
  • They can help us beat depression and loneliness.
  • The presence of pets in a household seems to contribute to the development of confidence and self-esteem of children. Pets can help children to learn how to be more responsible in their everyday life and have  compassion for other creatures that share the planet with us.
  • Pets teach us values such as responsibility, friendship, respect and make us more  social and sensitive for others.
  • Pets are precious companions for elderly people. They help them to maintain the interests and vitality. They can easier handle the melancholy that often occurs at these ages.
  • Specific emotional relationships develop between animals and people with disabilities. They become their guides, their supporters and sometimes, their light.




Pets and our health:

Researchers constantly find more evidence that the emotional and psychological benefits of pets have also physical benefits. They improve not only our emotional "quality of life" but also our body health.


Reduce blood pressure

Studies have shown that petting and taking care of animals can reduce blood  pressure and  heart rate.

Stress relief

Many pieces of research claim that people that have contact with animals have less  stress, or they are able to handle stress easier that people who don't.

Heart and cardiovascular system

Pets can help a person with heart failure to live longer.

Elderly people

Elderly people who have pets visit doctors 16% less than those who don't have and dog owners make 21% fewer visits to doctors. Also, our fluffy companions can help on the protection of our cardiovascular system. They need us and we need them.


He is the boss!

He is the boss!



And some interesting statistic facts...

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 59.1 million cats, 52.9 million dogs, 12.6 million birds, four million horses, 24 million fish, and millions of other animals already share home with us. In one study, 90% of pet owners claimed  that their pet was "extremely important" or "very important" to them, 87% treat their pet as an equal  family member, 50% had pictures of their pet in their office ,home or wallets, and 50% allow their pet to sleep with the family members. 15% was celebrating the birthday of their pets.At a time when traditional families disappear, 79% of pet owners said that sometimes their pet was their closest companion.


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