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Your thoughts create your reality

We usually think of many  possible situations and circumstances  in our lives... And by repeating the same thoughts it slowly becomes a belief. And when belief is turned into a deep conviction, magical things can happen. This process is called "creative visualization" or "visualization."

It's the method that sets the brain in the service of our future goals.







How does it work?

Our brain receives too much information, for example, when thinking about a goal we want to reach, and then our brain finds a way to make it happen. In order to benefit from this process, we need to have a specific goal.

According to scientists, it is not necessary to know exactly how to reach our goal. The only thing we need is to have a very specific one. A best-seller writer Lynne McTaggart, claims that the brain does not distinguish between a thought concerning an act of the actual act itself.

According to surveys, our subconscious is able to operate abstractly, ie to compose the final image of a puzzle even without having at its disposal from the beginning all the pieces. In fact, we can give our brain instructions for the result and this will help us to do all the necessary actions to succeed.



The question is: 

How we give the appropriate command to the subconscious?

Through the vivid display of the desired result in our thoughts.

Essentially we use all our senses to create in our minds  the experience we want to live.





Imagination can create an experience that we can perceive with our senses, without having any tangible stimuli. For example, someone can almost smell the sea water while longing for vacations at the seaside.



The truth is that there are some people who apply the principles of creative vision without even realizing it. Individuals have a positive attitude in life and which, even when encountering difficulties and obstacles, have confidence and know that eventually will overcome.  A typical example, the Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper, author of the film "The Miserables".

In a recent interview he said: "As a child, whenever I went to the cinema, I envision my own production. I was sitting in the cinema entrance and thought that someday my film will be accommodated in this place. " He essentially practiced creative visualization.





To the point...

How could we apply this method in order to overcome obstacles and make our dreams true?




Experts suggest various ways..

Repeat often a word that makes you happy, or use a post-it note on your fridge with words that motivate you towards your goal and helps you to have a more positive attitude in life.


Alternatively, we can simply close our eyes and visualize. During visualization, we see our new ideal self to smile and doing everything we want. The repetition of these images will lead to the desired result. At the beginning, it will not be easy, but with practice, you will get one step closer to your goal. The secret is to picture our goal including the smallest details. Even if after some years, we won't have the life scenario we dreamed of just as we had envisioned, we would have achieved small everyday goals. And this is more than important. It's magic!   gaol     Source:

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