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10 Ways to use a blank notebook

How many of us prefer kindle eBooks over paper books? Ok, there are some people, since  it gives us the ability to  have a lot of books in electronic form saved in one device, and I won't say that Kindle isn't nice.

But really, can it be compared to a fresh new book with its beautiful pages?

For me, paper cannot be replaced 100% by technology products. And guess what? I love gadgets and all tech stuff. Although I love notebooks. I believe they can be used for anything. Literally. Take a pencil and you can draw, write your thoughts, make a mind-map and much more.



If you are interested to see different uses of a notebook then keep reading...


#1. Expenses tracker

I started tracking my expenses only about a year ago and I now can feel the benefit of this procedure. A simple blank notebook of your choice can give you the feeling of some "control" over your money. You can write every cent you spend and on what you are spending it. You can see exactly where your money goes and at the end of each month you will have an overall view which is going to help you to adjust your budget in a better way. 

If you don't like this process you can still use the "traditional" excel files or smartphone apps.

 #2. Dream Journal

I have a very small, thin and cheap notebook for this purpose and I like to write down the vivid dreams I occasionally have. I don't write every dream but I think some dreams  deserve to be remembered years later.


#3. Doodles and Drawings

I love this idea. I 've seen in the past some people drawing in their notebooks while travelling. I personally keep a medium-small Moleskine notebook with blank white pages where I occasionally make sketches and doodles. Moleskine has a portal where Moleskine notebook owners upload their artworks. You can take some ideas ! This was Leonardo da Vinci habit, and the habit of many other artists. 


#4. Planners 

If you don't want to buy a planner for the next year you can use a beautiful notebook with blank pages and you can personalize every page according to your needs. Thus, instead of having only one page for each day, you can have more. Something like this could be very useful as a work planner, where you keep the tasks you have to accomplish each day, along with important notes and instructions on the next page. You can also include one more page to write down the new things you learn in your job every day! It's totally up to you the design of this kind of planner.


#5. Gratitude Journal

I read a lot about that in several blogs. It's awesome! Use a notebook of your choice to write the things that make you happy each day. Even during the worst day, there might be something that made you smile for a moment. Or gave you hope and courage. The key to a happy life is to appreciate the good things and feel grateful for the good moments in your life.


#6. Keep the quotes you like

I love reading inspiring quotes on the internet and books. Why not keep my favorites in one place? If you keep doing this you will end up having a book of inspiration and wisdom.


#7. Calorie tracking

Use a simple notebook to write down every food and the calories you consume if you are on a diet or want to gain some weight. A professional can tell you the required calorie intake you need to achieve your goal.


#8. To-do lists 

Write your to-do lists in one place with a date and keep track of what you accomplish each day. "Transfer"the task you didn't mark as done yet, on the next day and keep track of your progress. 


#9. Workout journal 

You can track the amount of time you spend on each workout activity during the day. If you go to the gym for 1 hour write it down. If you walk from work home for 20 minutes you can also write it. A workout journal is helpful to track your physical activity and you can notice the difference if you suddenly stop being active anymore.


#10. Travel journal

This is one of my favorites and I started creating my travel journal about two weeks ago, but I didn't finish it yet. I bought a cute notebook where I write all the daily activities I had during my trip. This can stay as simple as that, but I decided to include the cute instant pictures I took using my Fujifilm Instax camera.  So each page contains the day, some pictures, the daily activities, the food we ate, the places we visited  and what impressed me the most.

This type of journal has too much of sentimental value to me. 

I will add a post of how I made my Travel Journal when its done 🙂 


Thanks for reading!



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  • I have so many notebooks and I use them for all kinds of things! I’m like you – I like technology but I also like paper books too. Awesome post! 🙂

    • Nefeli Demertzi

      Thanks Tami ! I m happy to know that you have many notebooks too ! It’s really great!
      In the end it’s not a bad or expensive habit and passion. 🙂

  • Sauniya

    Dream journal would be amazing if i could remember my dreams. i haven’t been able to since i was a kid. Gratitude journal would be one amazing way to use a notebook, actually i wan to start doing that. I usually use note books for planning, to-do list and things to remember.
    Really great post. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss


      Thank you Sauniya! I am happy you liked it.☺Me too I use to do lists much more than my other journals but I feel great every time I write down other important things and not just just my tasks. ☺

    • Thank you Suniya! I ‘m the same, my most used notebooks and journals are the ones with to-do lists, although I really enjoy writing different things than just… tasks and responsibilities 🙂

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