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Happiness is a way of living

It seems that being happy or sad is a way of living.

It turns out that we can learn how to be happy!  We just need to adopt a few positive habits.

Martin Seligman's research with title "What make people more satisfied with their lives", discovered that chasing happiness has nothing to do with achieving real happiness. Martin Selingman gives us a catalog of 14 habits that will make as happier if we adopt them.


1. Surround yourself with happy people

Joy is transmissible. Researchers of Framingham Heart Study have found that if we surround ourselves with happy people we have more chances to find happiness in the future.





2. Smile a lot

Smile often! Even when you are not excited about something, think of a happy thought.




3. Develop the ability to get over your problems

Happy people are able to get over bad circumstances. They know that eventually, they will get over anything. Psychologists say that this is a natural defense our bodies have for all the bad life circumstances.

Psychologists say that this is a natural defense our bodies have to fight against life's difficult circumstances.

Fall down seven times, stand up eight ~Japanese quote


fall down seven times stand up eight



4. Give importance to small wins

Positive people celebrate every success they achieve, not only for something great but for small things too.

When you always remember your wins, you can always have a reason to be happy.





6. Appreciate life's happy moments

Positive people appreciate simple life moments, like an ice cream, or a rainbow. Their ability to find happiness in the little things and feeling grateful for what they already  have is directly related to being a happy individual.




7. Dedicate your time in giving

It doesn't matter how busy their schedule is, happy people always find time for a good deed.  Whether volunteer or simple acts of kindness, such activity affects the physical and mental state of the individual. It works as a good defense against depression.

Charity  triggers the secretion of dopamine, which gives us feelings of euphoria.




8. Allow yourself to lose track of time

Happy people subconsciously seek activities that allow them to test their abilities and their motivation for pursuing a large and well-defined objective.





9. Prefer meaningful discussions over meaningless talking

It's not bad to have "light" conversations with your friends, but only the deep and meaningful conversations can help you find meaning in your life. A proper discussion is much more efficient than the silly 'blah-blah-blah. We usually spend too much time chatting about the weather, while we fail to express the really important things that overflow in our hearts.




10. Spend money on others

Money can give happiness not only if we spend for ourselves but also for others.

Giving is better than taking.




11. Be a good listener

Listening to others can give us new knowledge. Improve your ability to listen, show  your respect for the speaker.

The ability to listen is a skill that strengthens relationships.





12. Workout often

Physical exercise causes the body to produce endorphins - a chemical that makes us feel happy. The specific chemical reactions in our brain and helps to relieve the symptoms of many psychological conditions including depression and anxiety.

Moreover, physical exercise gives us the opportunity to appreciate our bodies, which is an important part of a positive attitude.

The interesting thing is that, even where the exercise fails to help us lose weight or gain impressive muscles, we still end up with more reasons to feel good about ourselves!




13. Take a walk in nature

Nature is  like a fuel for the soul. Even walking 20 minutes in nature is good for our health. Whenever we feel sluggish, we drink a cup of  coffee. However, we can do much better, just by  going out for a walk and let Mother Nature to recharge our batteries!




14. Make bigger steps when walking

It is  true! Happy people walk in larger steps. Such walking  causes a certain reaction in our brain.

I know it may sound crazy, but you feel happier when we walk taking bigger steps. Still, you do not believe that?

Try to walk a few steps with small irregular steps, keeping your eyes on the ground.

Well; you did it to feel better? Certainly not!




Thank you for reading,





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  • I love this post! Those are all very good tips and I especially agree with number 3, that one’s so important. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment Tami. Yes, me too I believe that having the ability to get over our problems, and know that we can overcome anything is the most important. 🙂

  • Sauniya

    Really beautiful post! Happiness is a way of being, we tend to forget that because we thing we need to get something before we can be happy. We have to be happy now. Great tips. Thank you for sharing them 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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