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How to declutter your life and make space for delight

The best way to bring new things in our life is to make some space for them.

It’s like when we declutter our office or home ! We should declutter our life too !

The key is to throw away anything that prevents us from reaching happiness.

Find below 22 habits to avoid in order to create a better life !



  1. You are trying to be perfect

Perfectionism a defect in someone’s personality. Imagine that it’s like convincing yourself that you will never be good enough to achieve your dreams.

2. Your dreams are limited

Be ambitious. Having big dreams may hurt, but it deserves the effort.

3. You pretend to be someone else

The foundation of luck relies on preparation and effort.

4. You rely your dreams on luck

Luck is built on preparation. Good chances are a matter of luck, but success is not. It needs more than good luck for you to make the right choices.

5. You are always waiting for the right time

We believe that  if we wait for the right time, the right place or for the right person, everything will be as we dreamed. The truth is  the right chances come in our path when we are not expecting anything from luck.

6.You need confirmation from others before you try anything

Don’t expect from others to tell you when is the right time to try for your goals. Don’t rely only on their opinion. This is YOUR life.

7. You give empty promises

Do not give promises unless you are ready to fulfil them.

8. Υοu think too much of your weaknesses. 

All humans have weaknesses. Don’t overthink of your weaknesses. Recognize them, but in the end, your strengths are the most important.

9. You blame others

Admit you mistakes. We are losing our self-respect when blaming others

10. You are sinking into your negative thoughts

Negativity is creating obstacles in life. See my related post below on how to avoid negative thinking.

how to avoid negative thoughts

11. You are living in the past

Your future begins now!

12. You are trying to make everyone happy

Trying to make everyone happy is a destination to failure. Try to make yourself happy first. If you feel content in your life you have more energy to care for others and you can cheer up their lives too! Start from yourself.

13. You have small goals.

Small goals have small results.

14. You are angry 

It’s totally lost time, plus you are giving away your energy, instead of using to be creative and productive.

15. You avoid changes

Changes will come in our life, either we like it or not. Try to handle them the best way you can, when they come.

16. You try to avoid failure 

Not taking risks is a very big mistake. Failure is a standard when we are trying to reach our goals. The real failure is when you can’t recover from it.

17. You say ” I can’t”

Never give up just because something is difficult.

18. You gossip

Instead of talking about others, try to talk about ideas and things that are interesting for you.

19. You complain

If you are losing time complaining about yesterday, you will not have time or energy to work for tomorrow.

20. You are spending time with negative people

Try to stay away from people who damage your confidence.

21. You compare your life with others

Each one of us will have a different path in life.

22. You believe that you can make the difference alone

Each one of us can make the difference, and all together can bring a change


How to declutter your life


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