My morning routine

Busy modern life's requirements and responsibilities do not leave us enough time to take proper care of ourselves than just get dressed, grab the keys and go to work.

It's very similar for  stay at home mothers and students, or self-employed people.

We wake up and our mind rings alarms about the things we have to do every single day.

Sometimes we feel that 24 hours of a day are not enough...  Only if we were living in Mercury  we would have plenty of time each day to do anything we want, plus a lot of "personal time" hours...



Even in the most stressful and busy day, we should not neglect our skin, our health, and mind

A morning routine is something we always do, but many of us dedicate too little time to ourselves.


Through the years I established a specific morning ritual which changes by time, becoming more strict when it comes to self-care. 

That means, more time for myself. That means, waking up 15 minutes earlier to have time for that.


Below I am listing my morning routine. I would love to read yours. Comment with links to your blogs below ! 🙂


1. Drink water 

When we sleep we become dehydrated since we are not drinking any fluid.

I wasn't drinking a full glass of water before because I wasn't waking up feeling thirsty but I found out that it's very helpful to drink water not only during the day but also once we wake up.

Water is essential for our body in order to operate properly.

I usually drink my thyroid pill with this glass of water. It's my healthy morning ritual.

water importance for human body

2. Face care

I always wash my face in the morning. My face usually is very oily in the mornings so just lukewarm water doesn't always work for me. 

I am using a small amount of Bioderma  water.which leaves my skin clean and ready to accept and absorb the Serum. 

The above-mentioned product  leaves my skin clean and ready to accept and absorb the Serum or any other moisturizing face product.



Current favorite Face Care products