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Why I don’t quit my job for blogging

The world wide web opened a new world of employment opportunities for many people, and blogging is one of them.
Blogging is not only a hobby, but for many people is a source of income, and in some cases, a good one.
Who wouldn’t like to get paid for doing their hobby, working from the comfort of their home?
Many successful bloggers quit their jobs to engage in full-time blogging, they are good writers and often provide constantly new content on their website.

But have you ever wondered if quitting your normal job for blogging has some hidden dangers?


why i dont quit my job for full time blogging

Blogging trend

Generally speaking, blogging became famous in the beginning of the 00’s. At that time, a new blog could become famous very fast since bloggers were just a few, but now it’s difficult and takes time, effort but also luck to gain loyal readers. Even if your subscribers’ list is constantly growing, and even if people buy the products you recommend, and you use every good affiliate program out there, what if google changes its’ algorithm, and your blog won’t be at the first results? What if search engines will make it more difficult to find blogs?

In my honest opinion, we shouldn’t just rely on today’s job trends. Unless you are a millionaire blogger, so you somehow manage to save money for the future and make investments, quitting your job for a basic salary from blogging may end up a bad choice in the near future.

Standard income

If you already make money from your blog, chances are that you already know, not all months are the same. Some months you will make more than expected, and some others, a lot less. If you have financial support from your parents or a partner, then probably you are fine for now, but if you are single, alone or you are in debt, chances are that you can’t just rely your life on blogging.


I would love to work from home. At the same time, I would totally miss the friends and the fun of a real workplace. Definitely, a blog can give you new friends, all over the world, but it’s not a daily interaction with people. Or your interactions are not 100% real. I am not saying that a typical workplace is like a college, but a daily interaction promotes socialization and boosts confidence.

Empty CV

Either you are working in public or private sector, there are many people with strong skills out there, and there is a lot of competition. If I quit my job now, and my blog won’t give me enough money in a few years, who is going to hire me with huge gaps in my CV?

Continuous learning / Expertise

If you studied something specific (for example I studied Computer Science) even if you would have a famous great blog in your field, it’s difficult to know exactly what’s on the market right now if you are just blogging. Blogging can also be a research subject and not only reviews and advice, but as long as you stay away from the market of your field, you are not gaining expertise.

All the above are my personal opinions, I am not planning to quit my blog. I love writing. I am just mentioning some negatives of blogging and the reasons I am not planning to quit my job in order to blog every day.

Instead, I believe in combining blogging and working at the same time. Difficult but can be done! Read here about blogging while having a full-time job.



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