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It seems like the last years our smartphones are an extension of our hands. I do not know if that is a positive or a negative fact, but what I know is that there are apps for our smartphone that can help us stay productive on the go!  I am writing this post listening to Noisli. Noisli is a web and android application where  you can create your own background noise that helps you relax or concentrate. I chose a combination of rain and thunders with coffee shop noise.


  1. Mindly

In two words: Mind mapping

This is currently the best mindmap, brainstorming, and visual board application.

Its simple and very easy to use.  Mindly app offers the ability to visualize your thoughts and ideas through a customizable graph. Each thought or idea is a different node, and all of them connect to each other according to relativity.

You  will end up having a beautiful visualization of your thoughts and ideas. You can also print the images in high quality. I really love this. Just give it a try!






2. Noisli

In two words: Background music

Noisli offers tons of background music to increase your productivity or relaxation. Why is it so good?

Great user experience!  Fully customizable sounds according to your needs. You can choose any background music.

Background music and productivity :






3. Evernote

In two words: Stay organized

Almost everyone knows about Evernote. This is a powerful multi-platform app.

Evernote has a very nice interface, clean and easy to use.

It can actually be used in many ways! You can save webpages or ideas from the web and categorize them by subject, you can write your ideas and edit the documents any time you want, from any device.

I personally write work related documents such as manuals and how to’s, and I always like to write down the things I learn from a new task, so I can apply the solution to a similar task later.





3. 24ME

In two words: Personal assistant

This is a productivity app that  streamlines your calendar, notes, tasks, events, meetings… almost everything. It can become your “personal assistant”. You can link the app to your Facebook and you’ll automatically get reminders of upcoming birthdays. You can also connect the app to credit cards and banks to see reminders of upcoming bills. When adding a new task, you can choose specific types of tasks: meet, call, text, and errand.

When a task comes due, 24ME will have a button “Call” or “Go” etc and you can complete the action accordingly.

This app is amazing , just give it some time,  you may need a few days to explore all its capabilities.


24ME 24ME



4. Todoist

In two words: Monitor productivity

A task oriented multi-platform app will help you stay productive on the go.

This is an excellent productivity service which will help you monitor your productivity. It offers real-time time collaboration(eg. You can assign or share tasks with others)  or just keep track of your personal to-do list.

Beautiful and easy to use user interface. You can break your tasks into subtasks, receive notifications,  use repeating tasks and much more! It’s one of the most popular productivity app.

Negatives : Free app without premium features has only the essentials. It becomes really powerful in its premium version.





5. Wunderlist

In two words: To-do lists

I love Wunderlist. It has all the essential features someone needs to stay productive for free.

Simple to-do lists with reminders.

You can share your lists with others and you can rearrange your tasks based on priorities. I also like that the web application syncs to my mobile app and I have my lists always with me.



6. BlueMail

In three words: All in one

BlueMail is a free app that organizes all your different mail accounts in one place.

This app can replace all your stock email app and save some space on your smartphone’s memory.

It also looks great.BlueMail



I will be updating this list… Stay tuned!




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