How a planner can help you stay organized

I was never organized in my life. Everything was a mess. I used to forget to pay  bills before they expire,  doctor appointments and my life was a little mess.

When I was at school, I wasn't organized either. I got introduced to daily planners from several bloggers and YouTubers. In this article, I am going to write down some useful tips that made me love keeping a planner and look forward to writing on it and track my tasks every day! I will also list some of the bloggers and youtube channels so you can check them out by yourself.

In this article, I am going to write about some ideas that made me keep a planner and also  look forward to writing on it and track my tasks every day! I will also list some of the bloggers and youtube channels so you can check them out by yourself.


Current planners and supplies:

  • The personal planner I currently use is a daily small planner that fits in my purse.
  • I am also using a Moleskine planner with blank pages. There I keep random notes, ideas, and random drawing, and doodling. I always care this black Moleskine notebook in my purse.



Tip #1: Color code system

When I started using a planner (January of 2016) I was writing down everything using  a typical blue pen. And at that time, I enjoyed to watch videos and pictures of other people's planners -call me crazy- because I wanted to see if they do something in a different and better way.

The first thing I noticed is that some people color-code their tasks. This helps the visual persons to check the point of interest on their lists without having to read them all. Let's say you write down your doctor appointments with red color, so you check your diary and you see when exactly is the appointment without reading the rest of the page. Faster access to important information!

Many bloggers swear on Sharpie coloured pens,didn't find them in any store in Greece but I found them on Amazon. I love writing with a Sharpie pen and there are no leaks in my pencil case  !



Tip #2: Use Post-it notes for tasks I wanted to complete on a certain day - but I didn't

This is another trick that I also found it somewhere on Youtube ( unfortunately I didn't save the video). When I write tasks for the next day, but I didn't  find the time or the mood to do it on the next day, I don't have to write it again and again on the next pages, just remove the post it from the previous page and paste it on the next. This tip  can be applied to tasks that can be postponed.

Tip #3: Stickers

I discovered stickers for planners! (really, I haven't heard of them before). Those absolutely cute stickers can spice up your daily planner and notebook and they are supposed to make someone more engaged to their planner. Since I started using stickers I enjoy to check my notebook  during the day. Since my daily planner is small, I don't use a lot of them. Just one or two to spice it up. The best thing is that someone can buy tons of planner stickers in a good price.

Definitely check them out in your local store!

Planner size 

I am using 2 planners. The fun, personal one and the professional one for work.  My personal one is  medium sized and  fits in my purse, which is great because I like to carry it with me. The planner I use for work is bigger, at the size of a notebook, has plenty of space to write, and has no stickers on its pages. I guess nobody would take me for serious at work if I decorated it they way I like... 🙂

Tip #4: Track your daily expenses on each page

My best friend gave me this tip (thank you Emilia), and it helps me to track my expenses each month. There are plenty of apps for smartphones where are well made, cute and can help someone stay on a budget, but if someone is using a tangible journal, why not write the expenses down too. What I personally do, is that I write down the task, for example, "groceries" or "pharmacy" and I add next to it the amount I spent on a circle. At the end of the month, I can track all my expenses.

Except the expenses tracking inside my planner, I use excel sheets where I can have an overall review - analysis of my monthly expenses.  

Download for free the excel I am currently using and find out if it helps you track your own budget. Use the subscription form below and you will receive the download link in your inbox!


Tip#5: Simple notebook to write down your thoughts and ideas

I recently bought a Moleskine notebook with blank pages to keep there my ideas, random thoughts, random doodling and drawing, and writing down information I read online. This does not help in time management but it helps me clear my mind when I'm writing my thoughts and keeping useful information in one place. I discovered Moleskine last year (I know, it's too late!) and I loved its Notebooks and planners! I love the paper, the look and feel. 

Amazon has the best prices on these planners than any local store in my country.


Why I use a planner

Planner ideas




I already noticed a big difference in my life since I started using planners. I am more productive, I do not forget important days and appointments. I also like to plan ahead and I am wondering how I was living a chaotic life without a tracking my time and task. It is not necessary that someone will use a planner in this girly way, someone can use his own ways to stay organised and productive, using a pen and a paper.


NOTE: This post contains some affiliate links. 


Links to blogs and videos that inspired me to start using a daily planner



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